June 27, 2004


I know Bill Quick probably won't agree, but as more and more documents and information becomes available, I have to wonder yet again whether or not the Bush administration is allowing it's enemies to make ever more extravagent claims knowing all the while that their initial claims were false. Its a tactic I use in poker occasionally when I know I have the winning hand.

The election is still more than four months away and as with all games of chicken, the guy who can hold out the longest wins.

Posted by Charles Austin at June 27, 2004 09:20 PM

I suspect it is a game of rope-a-dope, and we should know by now that Bush is good at draw poker. What I wonder, considering all the facts that are being ignored already, is whether the dopes will even know, or admit, they've been roped.

I think the electorate (Moore's ignorant masses) will be able to tell. Funny how they have that ability to cut straight to the important stuff, eh?

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Posted by: Sam_S at 08:14 PM