August 09, 2003

Caption Contest

I failed miserably at following Dodd's instructions, but nonetheless this week's Caption Contest has been posted. Dodd's e-mail filter ate my post accusing me of being infected or diseased or something, so here it is for posterity:

There’s nothing like judging a caption contest to make you realize how difficult it is to select just one from the quality and quantity offered. My hat’s off to Dodd and all of his guest judges for their valiant efforts and making my task especially difficult as I try to keep up with their work. This week, 14 entrants submitted 95 entries. I was tempted to just list them all under Will Vehrs, but felt that wouldn’t be fair to everyone else, though Will had more entries this week than there were entries and participants last week. I was also tempted to have co-winners, but it was impossible to narrow it down below about 8 co-winners, so I buckled down, pulled on my boots, wedged into my Speedos, put on my special hat -- and pricked one out.

I'd like to thank Dodd for giving me the opportunity and all the entrants for their bon mots, cruel jibes, truly off-the-wall ideas, and witty repartee. I would especially like to thank Will for causing me to expend at least one additional hour to complete the effort this week, but that was an impressive list. I look forward to doing it again.

Posted by Charles Austin at August 9, 2003 11:10 AM

Had I known your idea of a winning caption is one that patiently explains the joke to the reader, I would have saved you that extra hour.

Posted by: Will Vehrs at 01:31 PM