October 31, 2008

Too Bad the Wild Boars Report Was False

I hope it hurt:

The body of Saddam Hussein was stabbed six times after he was executed, according to the head guard at the former presidentís tomb north of Baghdad, who was one of the people that helped bury the corpse.

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Erica Jong Tells Italians Obama Loss 'Will Spark the Second American Civil War. Blood Will Run in the Streets'

Think maybe she forgot who bitterly clung to their guns?

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October 22, 2008

Do You Know What a Five Percenter Is?

Every time I hear that Senator Obama is going to give 95% of America a tax cut, I wonder if I have become a Five Percenter.

Hey, I'm as shocked as they are.

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But If C-SPAN Only Shows Congress, Won't That Be a Problem For Them?

Senator Jeff Bingaman (D- NM) likes the "Fairness Doctrine":

"I would want this station and all stations to have to present a balanced perspective and different points of view."

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Ten Foot Polls

AP presidential poll: All even in the homestretch

Obama takes 10-point lead on McCain

"Two men say they're Jesus, one of 'em must be wrong." -- Mark Knopfler

DOWNDATE: Michael Barone asks: Are the Polls Accurate? In a word, no.

DOUBLE DOWNDATE: I swear I did not copy this post. Great minds, and all that.

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Pique Oil

Oil falls below $70 on US recession fears

Cui bono?

DOWNDATE: Oil falls below $68 on US recession fears Paul Krugman will now be able to claim that President Obama cured inflation as these prices ripple through the economy next year.

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October 15, 2008

John McCain Wins Debate!

Barrack Obama wins election anyway!

As Al Czervik said years ago, "Hey everybody, we're all gonna get laid screwed!"

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October 09, 2008

The Most Important Election In Our Lifetime

Joe Biden is wrong (I know, I know, that is a tautology) because this ain't it.

The most important election in my lifetime is a tossup between 1980 and 2004, with 2000 following close behind. The election in 1980 removed Jimmy Carter from office and installed Ronald Reagan. Real tough to argue with that as the most important result in my lifetime except to note that had John Kerry been elected in 2004, there would have been ignominious surrender in Iraq, no surge, and goodness knows what after that. The election in 2000 only become a candidate for most important on 9/11. Before that it was just another ho hum election with little truly at stake beyond the nomination of Supreme Court justices. I actually doubt whether Al Gore would have wanted to spend as much as George Bush, though I have no doubt that Al would have immediately demanded a resolution be put before the UN Security Council on 9/12 to fight the terribly-misundertood-doers.

But here, in less than a month we get to choose between two men who could get into an argument about which one loathes Republicans more. In less than a month we get to choose betwene a man who wants a massive expansion of the government and a man who thinks a massive expansion of the government might not go far enough. In less than a month we get to choose between four more years of George Bush and four more years of Jimmy Carter. In less than a month we get to choose between a man who won't enforce the borders and a man who just doesn't recognize borders at all.

There are a few differences between the two candidates. One of them wants to fight and one can't wait to surrender in Iraq. Nominees to the Supreme Court might be substantially preferable under one of them, but honestly who knows after David Souter, though it is difficult to imagine a Democratic nominee unexpectedly turning out to be a strict constructionist after he/she is sworn in. And finally, one of them thinks Joe Biden is right when Joe imagines he's looking at presidential timber in the mirror each morning.

This post is just too depressing to continue.

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October 07, 2008

Two Minutes

That's all the debate I could tolerate. When did Americans become such wusses that they need either one of these bastards to take care of all their problems. I said this to my wife and she said, "Some people can't take care of themselves." I replied, "if you listen to these two guys no one can take care of themselves."

I heard a question from the peanut gallery asking what the government will do to get people from taking bad credit? Jumpin' bejeebus, we are all so screwed.

Senator Obama says earmarks are only $18 billion between 535 Congressional ne'er-do-wells and aren't the problem, whereas somehow eliminating $350 million in tax breaks to Fortune 500 CEOs is how we solve something, everything, look there's George Bush! And what's more, what a bunch of media idiots who can't do the math and challenge him on it. Of course, neither can McCain.

I could go on, but what's the point. And that was just two minutes of nonsense. Welcome to Hell. Here's your handbasket for the chocolate rations.

DOWNDATE: My observation made Instapundit and The Corner, though attribution only came at the former.

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