April 03, 2010


Will C.J. Spiller be the first RB drafted?

You are not looking for an answer so much as a prediction. However, in an otherwise relatively weak year for RBs (but primarily because the rest of the draft field is unusually strong this year) he probably should be the first drafted for his combination of speed and size. A lot will depend on the draft order and perhaps a trade or two before the draft.

Is President Obama a hard core Marxist or just a corrupt Chicago progressive politician?

First of all, note that these are not mutually exclusive options. Only Barack Obama can answer the former question definitively, but I don't think so. I do have substantial reservations about his entire philosophical approach which I regard as progressive rather than Marxist, but unless the next election gets cancelled that's more than I am willing to say. Using Marxist techniques and rhetoric does not automatically make one (or The One) a Marxist, hardcore or otherwise. Why Barack Obama has so many who can be legitimately called Marxists in his orbit is another question for another day. As to the latter question, Barack Obama has learned his Chicago politician lessons well, but the type of corruption implied is something different than most people are accustomed to. Chicago style political corruption is geared towards consolidating and strengthening their grip on power, which is what really matters to them, rather than enriching themselves financially. This is also a common problem with progressives, though I wouldn't necessarily conflate Chicago political corruption with "classic" progressivism. FWIW, those in power do seem to have money fall into their laps in ways that most of us don't, but that isn't their primary motivation.

Posted by Charles Austin at April 3, 2010 11:39 PM
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