June 26, 2009

SAT Question

Multiple choice entries in the comments below.

Smoot-Hawley is to Waxman-Markey as ...

Posted by Charles Austin at June 26, 2009 09:15 PM

Kristallnacht is to letting the mullahs stay in power

Posted by: Formwiz at 09:48 PM

a vacuum cleaner is to a black hole. They both suck.

Posted by: Inigo2 at 09:53 PM

the Titanic is to Hurricane Andrew

Posted by: Duke at 09:57 PM

Waxman-Markey is to Obama-Care

Posted by: mr_oni at 09:58 PM

1930 is to 2009

Posted by: chris reilly at 09:58 PM

ignorance is to hubris

Posted by: chris reilly at 10:00 PM

The Cole is to 9/11.

Posted by: Gerry at 10:05 PM

Economically destructive protectionism is to economically destructive environmentalism.

Posted by: Gary Gagliardi at 10:11 PM

Bad is to worse.

Posted by: MarkJ at 10:14 PM

FDR's Great Depression is to Obama's soon to be Second Great Depression

Posted by: Brian Macker at 10:19 PM

Immobile goods is to immobile people.

Posted by: Jane at 10:22 PM

...bloodletting is to mass suicide.

Posted by: edh at 10:24 PM

The Battle of First St. Albans is to the Battle of Bosworth.


Posted by: Dodd at 10:25 PM

armageddon is to ragnarok

Posted by: Ann at 10:26 PM

Autarky is to All-dark-ey.

Posted by: Jane at 10:26 PM

MSDOS is to Vista

Posted by: Jeff in Seabrook at 10:45 PM

Ishtar is to Heaven's Gate.

Posted by: Billy Hollis at 10:55 PM

Jimmy Carter is to Barack Obama.

Posted by: Bildo at 10:59 PM

Ellsworth Toohey is to James Taggart.

Posted by: Smith at 11:16 PM

Economic suicide to Economic Homicide by Congress

Posted by: either orr at 11:21 PM

Grand Slam is to a B61; both quite destructive but one far more so than the other.

Posted by: Evan at 11:46 PM

Smoot-Hawley is to Waxman-Markey
As a fart is to a whirlwind

Illegitimi nOn carborundum

Posted by: algie at 11:55 PM

...Dred Scott v. Sandford was to Plessy v. Ferguson.

Posted by: Just Some Guy at 12:13 AM

Milli Vanilli is to Led Zeppelin

Posted by: Edmund Burke at 12:21 AM

Laurel is to Hardy.

Dumb is to Dumber.

S*&t is to Shinola.

Posted by: Trajan at 12:40 AM

... stink is to shit!

Posted by: Rock at 12:59 AM

You people rock. If I could have a cocktail party for smart people you would all be invited and I would be happy to just soak up the atmosphere. Thank you for the laughs on a bleak day. And, yes, I did call my Congress(sheep)person to voice my opposition to cap and trade....

Posted by: Jill at 01:18 AM

Bad Economics is to Bad Science.

Posted by: Clyde at 01:21 AM

Choking is to smothering

Posted by: Patrick at 01:51 AM

Tragedy is to farce.

Posted by: ArtD0dger at 02:06 AM

Anal Oral vs. Rectal Cranial Insertion

Posted by: TennesseeBeaver at 02:09 AM

as a mild social aberration is to gang rape.

Posted by: Rodney G. Graves at 02:24 AM

As a parking lot fender bender is to a triple roll over

Posted by: James Mayeau at 02:57 AM

The Detroit Lions are to the New York Giants

Posted by: Thomas Wendell at 09:21 AM

negligent homicide is to premeditated murder.

Posted by: Dana H. at 10:03 AM

[A] historical ignorance is to epic failure
[B] macroeconomic ignorance is to economic collapse
[C] bad science is to bad public policy
[D] all of the above

Posted by: Seth at 10:32 AM

As a sneeze is to Swine Flu.

Posted by: Billll at 10:36 AM

Edsel is to New Coke.

Posted by: Jack is Back! at 01:56 PM

...ignorant experimentation is to willful nihilism.

Posted by: smitty at 06:44 PM

Sassy Lace Wig spammers are to week-old wedding cake. Edited by the Management.

Posted by: A Stupid Spammer at 03:55 PM