June 16, 2009

Makes You Wonder Why He Wanted the Job, Doesn't It?

Sometime, I'd really like someone to ask President Obama if there is any part of the private, free market America he can bring himself to say something good about:

"If we do not fix our healthcare system, America may go the way of GM; paying more, getting less, and going broke," Obama said, likening the healthcare system to struggling carmaker General Motors, which has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Fortunately, our healthcare system isn't a monolithic system that will all go broke at once.


Posted by Charles Austin at June 16, 2009 06:26 PM

In my more cynical moments, I sometimes wonder whether the Democrats who want to take over all of the countries' hospitals also wish to follow the example of the Communist party in China & kill off political dissidents in order to sell their organs.

Posted by: adagioforstrings at 11:23 AM