June 03, 2009

Captain Obvious Strikes Again

Aside from all the good specific arguments about why Government Motors is a bad idea, and there are many, fundamentally the problem is that it puts the government explicitly in the position of picking winners -- and the government's criteria for picking winners is usually much worse than the marketplace's and much, much more prone to corruption.

Posted by Charles Austin at June 3, 2009 06:56 PM

I thought that only mean Republicans engaged in corruption & ethereal Democrats selflessly spent other people's money only because they cared about the children.

Posted by: adagioforstrings at 08:16 PM

Excuse me ... "prone" to corruption? I think its pretty clear that the corruption is already occurring.

Posted by: Robin Roberts at 09:48 PM

ABC - Another Barak Company?

Posted by: Jon at 09:17 AM