May 11, 2009

I Blame Bush

Why not, everybody else does. Clearly his administration did not run deficits high enough to scare the crap out of everyone about deficit spending.

White House: Budget deficit to top $1.8 trillion

Setting aside the 40% annualized inflation rate of last month's White House deficit estimate, what this means is that for every one of the 31,536,000 seconds of the coming year the federal government will spend $57,077 it does not have.

So, I'll have to ask again, is it going to be debt repudiation or inflation?

Posted by Charles Austin at May 11, 2009 02:29 PM

This is just surreal. The headline alone is enough to force thinking folks into a NOMAD like spasm of "Error... error... that does not compute!"

Posted by: Jon at 06:00 PM