March 23, 2009

To Paraphrase Senator Dirksen

"A trillion here, a trillion there, and pretty soon you're talking about unreal money."

DOWNDATE: Robin Roberts helpfully provided a link to this article from the Heritage Foundation which includes this image to help illustrate the surreality of President Obama's spending program:


Posted by Charles Austin at March 23, 2009 04:23 PM

Posted by: Robin Roberts at 09:10 PM

BTW, dude, long time no see.

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Posted by: Jon at 09:18 AM

Gooday, remember me? The bloody sheep farmer in Australia. I warned you Yanks on his blog back in Oct 15 last year what would happen if you elected a closet neo-Marxist as President during an economic crisis with a full house Congress of lefty moonbats. Yanks are always so over the top, so geopolitically naïve and loud in restaurants too. Never do anything half way, do you, mates?

Well, now you’ve gone and blown the empire. Yeah, I know, you don’t think of American global economic hegemony as an empire, but the rest of on the planet know one when we see one.

Most Yanks don’t even know the defacto currency of Planet Earth is the Yankee Greenback. But now you’ve gone an elected the one galah on the planet who can actually turn the Greenback into just another rupiah. Yes, he can! In ten years your Starbuck’s morning swill will be $30 a cuppa.

China can hardly wait. They already have started the political process of delisting the dollar as the global currency. There is even talk amongst my China hand friends that Beijing may work up a little fracas soon to justify dumping a trillion dollars or so of US bonds, maybe next year or year after. Wall Street Journal says China ne’er do that because it would wreck their economy too. Typical. Yanks don’t understand totalitarian collectivist ruthlessness. China’s economy is ruled by a police state. What are the Chinese hoi poloi going to do? Riot? So shoot em. Let them eat grass. They have before.

If your idiot government allows the dollar to get seriously sick a coalition led by China will organize a very clever coup de grace and endure whatever pain it takes to end up the next global economic empire. No matter that the global economy will be about 75 percent smaller than today, they’ll still own it…with a clenched fist.

I just don’t think Americans get it.

Posted by: wes george at 09:11 PM