November 04, 2008

I Shall Return

Went to vote this morning. I haven't seen lines like that since I was at Disneyworld. I'll have to return later this afternoon when I've got a couple of hours I can spare.

DOWNDATE: By 2:00 PM, there was no line at all. Made voting a lot easier, but what does it mean?

Posted by Charles Austin at November 4, 2008 10:59 AM

I voted this morning on the way to work. This was the biggest line I've seen there. I first started voting at that place in 1988. The process went smoothly, though it took about 1.5 hours from the time I arrived to the time I left. I didn't observe any problems, but then I live in a solid red area of the state.

Posted by: Jon at 11:50 AM

Hmm... FoxNews just called Ohio for Obama. Time to open another beer.

I have to hope in the wisdom of the Founding Fathers that the damage from one election will be limited.

Posted by: Jon at 09:38 PM

Jon, it's a sign for the IFFFL! Bank it!

Posted by: charles austin at 10:02 PM

McCain just started his concession speech. I just turned the TV off and popped another beer. Speaking of IF(F)FL, I guess you could say I'm living up to my name tonight.

I wonder if Ron wants to fill a leader position in the new IF(F)FL civilian security force. I expect I may need some help enforcing the player redistributions to make the league fairer. Naturally Tim & I as League Officers will be exempt from any edicts.

Posted by: Jon at 11:26 PM

All is not lost. It appears there are some Congressmen who still have a pair. Hey, anyone that quotes Russell Kirk is ok by me.

"What are the Republican Party's principles that will be employed to meet and surmount these challenges? We have five enduring principles:

1. Our liberty is from God not the government.
2. Our sovereignty rests in our souls not the soil.
3. Our security is through strength not surrender.
4. Our prosperity is from the private sector not the public sector.
5. Our truths are self-evident not relative.

What are the Republican Party's goals? We will advance liberty, preserve tradition, and achieve constructive change for Americans in this trying time."

Posted by: Jon at 10:17 AM