October 22, 2008

Do You Know What a Five Percenter Is?

Every time I hear that Senator Obama is going to give 95% of America a tax cut, I wonder if I have become a Five Percenter.

Hey, I'm as shocked as they are.

Posted by Charles Austin at October 22, 2008 09:22 PM

If O! wins, I may just buy a Harley and become a one-percenter.

If they'll have me, which they probably won't.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:38 AM

I assume you have, but just in case you need to watch the videos Drudge has posted of Obama's 2001 interview. The really scary part is not that Obama said and believes those things. We've had radicals in the country since its founding. No the really scary part is the percentage of the citizens who even know what's wrong with what he is saying and can say why.

When you're at the water cooler at work you should ask your friends, "So are you voting for the old populist war hero, or the smooth talking Marxist." That really is the choice this year.

Posted by: Jon at 01:55 PM

I too am perplexed that more people aren't yelling, "Hey! This guy's a radical socialist! Wake up!"

But, at the same time, I am not surprised - because the liberal elitists (the illuminati) have hand-picked Obama, and they own the mainstream media.

Ol' Karl is smiling in his grave.

Posted by: Joe Six Pack at 09:56 PM