October 15, 2008

John McCain Wins Debate!

Barrack Obama wins election anyway!

As Al Czervik said years ago, "Hey everybody, we're all gonna get laid screwed!"

Posted by Charles Austin at October 15, 2008 10:27 PM

I think it's more likely that Obama is about to collapse. Watch the next two weeks.

Posted by: sth at 11:07 PM

Thanks for the words of encouragement. However, the election could turn on a dime if people would get involved in the plan at my name's link.

It might also be helpful to point out that BHO lied about his involvement with ACORN, which is more extensive and more recent. In fact, the BHO campaign sent part of their website down the memory hole when it came out that he actually was an ACORN trainer.

And, BHO misled about his involvement with Ayers; one of those who was at the kaffeeklatsch chez Ayers said it was the political coming-out party for Obama.

Posted by: How to Defeat Barack Obama at 11:09 PM

Even the ones who know don't seem to care. Good luck with that.

Posted by: charles austin at 11:19 PM

People just don't seem to care about the possibility that several hundred thousand fraudlent votes will be cast in several battleground states. At this point, we really do deserve what we're going to get.

Posted by: SFC B at 11:29 PM

Nor do people care about the coming of "redistribution of wealth" (socialism)

Posted by: Don CeSar at 11:49 PM

"I think it's more likely that Obama is about to collapse. Watch the next two weeks."

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Posted by: Mister Snitch at 12:06 AM

Dubya hasn't done enough harm to the republican label; along comes McCain and promises women who get pregnant "but don't want the baby" ... that he'll help them with adoption. Yeah. Sure. Just what the doctor ordered.

If Obama wins? It means many Americans are disgusted with the religous views of some, who have taken a perfectly good law: Roe V. Wade. Which took abortions out of the back alley ... and brought some sanity to bear. (You have no idea how frightened parents of daughters were! From the day the girl menstruated; until she found some sucker to marry.) The fathers would hold their heads in shame, if an unmarried daughter came home pregnant.

You think people "just forgot this?"

Nah. I don't think so. I think lots of people blow off their faith ... just as Catholic Italians learned how to produce the fewest kids per couple in all of Europe. (Nope. It's not done with celbacy.) Just maturity. People gladly celebrate holidays; but they keep private thoughts to themselves.

And, that's where McCain went and hung his chances.

To true believers? Next to waiting for the Hailey Bopp comet to reappear ... this is the "big one."

It's as if the rich kid, McCain, drinks from the same punch bowl as Dubya. And, McCain thinks this stuff "really, really worked for Dubya!" Uh huh. But no one is gonna send Harriet Meirs up for confirmation. You think that's enough?

War in Irak? Lost its traction.

Our economy taking such a dive? Everybody's awake, now, thanks. More awake than they were on 9/11? Yup. With the arabs still digging deep into our pockets.

Does Obama have a chance? Isn't his tag that he's about "change."

McCain, tonight, just took cheap shots. If they don't look cheap, yet; then someday, maybe they will?

Posted by: Carol Herman at 01:30 AM

I can not believe this is happening. I live on an isolated sheep farm in Australia and I can't figure out why Americans are ready to commit national suicide, which will, as result, take what remains of Western Civilization with them.

Are you people really going to "elect" a neo-Marxist, hate-America first degenerate in a sharp suit to the highest office on the planet merely because he's hoodwinked the whole lot of you with used car salesman techniques and a smooth voice? Mates, your enemies overseas like to laugh at Yankee naivete but this takes the cake.

...during the worst fiscal crisis since Carter's malaise? ...with a Congress controlled by leftist ideologues?...with China holding so many dollars that if they bolt, it's all over? ...with Iran ready to nuke Israel whenever they get it together? ...with a militarily resurgent Russia? ...with European allies that will stab you in the back? Jesus Christ, people, wake up! The cure for the failures of the Bush administration and a recession isn't post-modern defeatism and socialism but can-do Yankee innovation!

Obama is your (and our) worst nightmare. He'll turn America economically into Argentina destroying your military advantage and diplomatic clout and thus hand the world on a platter to whomever is the most brutal and regressively hegemonic, ie China, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, the Taliban, while encouraging emergent dictatorships elsewhere, say, Bolivia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Iraq, Thailand and Argentina.

Don't the American people realize that they have too many enemies waiting for the opportunity to take the US down to risk installing one in the White House?

Have Americans forgotten that they are the only thing standing between a world of free markets of ideas and capital, of democracy, peace and rule of law and the Chinese/Russian totalitarian collectivist gangster model?

Joe Biden is right, you dolts! (an oxymoron?) This IS the most important election in our lifetime because the choice is so utterly stark--continue the project Ronald Reagan started or look to Noam Chomsky, The Weathermen, Daley's political machine, Acorn, the UN and the EU for policy inspiration!

By failing to stay true to the simple ideals that made America great, you are about to insure that the 21st century will make the economic insanity and political atrocities of the last century pale in comparison.

God help us all.

Posted by: wes george at 01:50 AM

Thank you, Wes George. If only McCain could articulate it so clearly.

Posted by: Marilyn at 05:39 AM

Vote Obama/ Vote $5 gas

Do not be lulled by recent drop in gas prices…the Middle East plans to jack prices as quickly as possible…the Middle East is using classic monopolistic tactics…drop prices in the short run to drive out competition. In this election, McCain/Palin represent competition. Remember oil doubled in the last 12 months…there was no reason for it to go up…there had been no great increase in demand…but oil jumped anyway…why?...because the U.S. will pay for it and not develop alternative sources. Prices shot up until August when Republicans were gaining momentum.

Republicans and McCain are bad for Arab oil business interests.

A unified Democrat government…Obama, Pelosi, and Reid…will BLOCK any and all domestic production of oil and coal. Pelosi is on record that she plans to “Save the world” from carbon…Will Obama take on Speaker Pelosi? He voted “Present” 140 times when he was in the Illinois senate. He also said, “Call me if you need me” when Congress debated the bailout. Sometimes, leaders have to do more than “phone it in”…sometimes, leaders actually have to lead.

Arab sheiks have a lot riding on this election…the U.S. ships $5-700 billion per year to the Middle East for oil. The last thing the sheiks want is competition. Does anyone remember 20 years ago the Middle East flooded the market…and killed Texas and U.S. shale oil production, which led to the Savings & Loan crisis? A few weeks ago, short selling was stopped to prevent the market from dropping 2500 points overnight…and where was this short selling coming from?…the news reports stated Dubai and London.

So vote Obama and the price of oil will skyrocket and the American consumer can plan on spending $5 per gallon for gas by next Memorial Day.

Posted by: scipio at 07:52 AM

there have been NO cases of voter fraud

show us ONE

just ONE just ONE just ONE just ONE just ONE just ONE just ONE just ONE just ONE just ONE just ONE just ONE

Posted by: nick at 11:04 AM

It ain't over until it's over, Charles. Then, when Barry loses, the Dem riots will begin.

Posted by: Dick Stanley at 11:10 AM

That's the nice thing about Republicans. They don't riot.

Posted by: Dick Stanley at 11:11 AM

I don't waste time trying to argue with people who type like Nick, but there are many documented instances of vote fraud the last few elections where people have actually gone to jail. I have linked them here, or you can check out Gateway Pundit for extensive lists, or even Outside the Beltway. There were Congressional hearings were these cases were documented a few years ago. John Fund even has a recent book out on this.

Come on, Google it people! The truth is out there.

Posted by: charles austin at 11:12 AM

Wes, your post was so great, I sent it to Instapundit (Glen Reynolds) to read...

Cheers mate!


Posted by: Mimi at 01:07 PM

It's probably not a coincidence that Obama wants to talk to Chavez. In fact, based on the laptop recovered in the raid on Columbian rebels, those conversations may have started some time ago.

We also know that Obama's fellow education reformer, Bill Ayers, was in Venezuela in 2006 praising Chavez and the anti-capitalist reforms being made to the education system in Venezuela.

Posted by: OCBill at 01:11 PM

The way it looks, the only things that will keep Obama from being elected are either being convicted (not just indicted) of a Federal crime, or an all-out attack on the country.

Obama's Stepford Voters have gained way too much momentum.

And unless the phone surveys are calling cell phones, they're vastly underrating Obama's followers. The cell-phone with no land-line demographic is largely the 18-30 group, most of whom have been infected with Obama Admiration.

Like for example, commenter nick:

"show us ONE"

... whose stance seems to be "don't annoy me with evidence". All he has to do is type 'acorn' into a search engine. But of course he won't.

Good on ya, wes george. You understand the peril we're in. We survived Jimmy Carter - just barely, and we survived Bill Clinton, but 4 years of Obama/Pelosi/Reid may well be the clincher from which recovery will be unlikely.

Posted by: ZZMike at 01:24 PM

A, Instalanche.

PS: Carol Herman wtf? Parents are now totally free of fear for their daughters now that abortion is legal? Yep, that makes sense.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 05:18 PM

wes wrote, "He'll turn America economically into Argentina destroying your military advantage and diplomatic clout and thus hand the world on a platter to whomever is the most brutal and regressively hegemonic," etc.

The problem is that a lot of the electorate and nearly all of the press and Democrats think that's a GOOD thing. They've been educated in the anti-nationalism espoused by such traitors as Ayers and Dohrn. They think the US really is the source of all evil in the world, and everything will be puppy dogs, kittens and snowflakes when we're gone.

They've been blaming Western Civ for a long time. Orwell wrote about anti-nationalism in May 1945 in his essay "Notes on Nationalism". It's on the web. It's a must-read. I was astonished that, with just a few changes, it could've been written yesterday. And I did read an article by Chesterton (that I can't find again) that suggested anti-nationalism has been around since WWI.

We're all fucked. The new Dark Ages are upon us, not just from the left, but from radical Islam. Even if by some miracle McCain wins, there could be widespread rioting. And our enemies won't give up.

Posted by: Jim C. at 07:41 PM

you did not PROVIDE ONE!

but I knew you were so lame

please bring on your lying (bridge) corrupt(troopergate), book burning(gay books) creationist. We need more dummies to kick around.

Gop only made comeback in 1968 after LBJ because you killed JFK, and RFK, and ML.


Posted by: nick at 09:30 PM

1 neo-Marxist is not evn in dictionary!

2 hate america? I am a vet, I love while you sheep screwers down under can love you outback.

3 MOST auusies like Obama
sure, perhaps its their CRIMINAL ancestry

4 Bush SEC allowed the leverage

5 China will NOT bolt

6 Russia is NOT militarily resurgent - they have petrodollars (or did till down to 80 a barrell_

the rest of your stuff was just GOP platform tired cliches

Posted by: nick at 09:36 PM

Psst... nick, use your inside voice.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 09:43 PM

Andrea, feel free to ban Nick. I have no qualms about banning someone so intellectually dishonest and intentionally offensive.

Posted by: charles austin at 09:56 PM

You just want to talk to yourself,
your own choir?

GO ahead

make my day for this old man

Posted by: nick at 11:32 PM

"have linked them here"

there is NOTHING linked

intelelctual dishonest when nothing exists

look in the MIRROR

Posted by: nick at 11:34 PM

Nick has been banned! Though I'm keeping his comments up to show why, and for our general amusement. What I wonder is how he managed to get on the internet all by himself. His shaky, to say the least, grasp of grammar and spelling indicate someone with the intellect of a four-year-old. Did Mommy forget to lock the door of her home office again?

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 12:12 AM

Don’t ban poor Nick, he’ll beat his dog…or worse. Heh. Just delete the wasted posts he makes when he’s drunk.

Yo, Nick,

Neo-Marxism is an adjective, which according to my American-made dictionary means “…a political philosophy that arise from the adaptation of Marxist thought to accommodate or confront modern issues such as the global economy, the capitalist welfare state, and the stability of liberal democracies.”

Ayers is an unreconstructed paleo-Marxist, who favours a Maoist spin. Ayers still believes that bloody violent revolution resulting in a dictatorship of the proletariat is the next step in the long march towards the ultimate goal, a classless, Godless and property-less, collectivist utopia. People in the millions will have to be exterminated and millions more re-educated. Perhaps, that's why Ayers became an education academic, so he can lend a helpful hand! What a nice guy!

Marxists murdered a couple of 100 million people between Berlin and the Korean peninsula last century while trying to “spread the wealth around” to make that socialist utopia thing work out. It’s enough to make Hitler blush in hell.

Is Ayers something of Barry’s mentor? Who knows? The media lacks the curiosity to look into it for us. Barry’s father was a communist too, but that was back in the old days before it was well established that Marxism always leads to genocidal dystopia.

In 2005, the Ayers have no such excuse. They’re almost too creepy to be real human beings. They’re literally wannabe mass murderers who failed. Obama launched his senate career in these creatures’ living room. And Americans are so cluelessly innocent (see Nick’s post) they’re, like, singing “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” while holding hands and skipping towards the next holocaust!

To communists like the Ayers and Barry’s father, the Constitution and Bill of Rights is nothing but a cheap trick by rich white land barons to oppress the proles. Black liberation theology is a racist adaptation of Marxist dialectics. Barry was raised by these people and he voluntarily chose to raise his kids in the Marxist worldview where Thomas Jefferson is a vile rapist and oppressor. In the Obama world everything you believe is hung on a meat hook upside down and violently gutted of its true meaning, then its skin is stretched over a new definition and strutted around with Rev. Pfleger like an Orwellian Silence of the Lambs.

So get it straight, Nick mate, Marxism, neo or old school, ain’t just another fun political party like the Dems and Repubs it’s a parasite of democratic free markets that will kill the host if it can. Understand that Marxism isn’t a sustainable alternative to capitalism any more than AIDS is a sustainable alternative to life.

The Marxist dialectic always begins with morbid class envy and ends in hatred, dehumanization and genocide. Barry’s job as a community organizer was to inflame discontent and provoke envy among the poor. “God Damn America.” Part of Barry’s job would have been to threaten God damn capitalist pig banks to loan the noble proletariat money they couldn’t pay back at rates the banks couldn’t sustain.

Part of the Marxist discourse is “do whatever it takes.” Lie, steal elections, rewrite history, indoctrinate children, debase the language, appropriate the narrative, bully, vandalize, blackmail, extort, murder, sign treaties you intend to break, tell the bourgeois anything they want to hear until you are in the position to execute a coup de etat. Surely, this dovetails like a greased palm with Chicago's corrupt political culture.

Barry Obama is not going to seize absolute power and he’s not a Marxist nor does he consciously hate America.

But he hails from a very dark place where these morbid fantasies are real enough to distort his political judgement. He comes from a dialectic background that is based on alien anti-Americanism and logically false ethical premises. His philosophical base is anti-Enlightenment, anti-rational, Dionysian and collectivist. Don’t let this pathetic package of damaged goods be the one to take that call at 3 am. His base instinct will be to answer that call with, “whatever, it’s just the chickens coming home to roost, again!”

Barry knows that if you find out who he really is and what he really believes in the next two weeks, he’s unelectable. That’s forced him into becoming the most heroically delusional actor on the Presidential stage since Nixon. This isn’t a problem for Barry, the central tenet of the value system he has chosen to immerse himself and his children demands a systematic deluding of those one seeks to “liberate.” It’s the polar opposite of the straight forward spirit of American representational democracy. If Barry is unaware of the organized voter registration fraud that ACORN is perpetuating, he is ideologically part and parcel of their systematic culture of deceit and contempt for American Constitutional democracy.

Maybe Barry hates that anti-American part of his psyche, maybe he wants to change and grow up be a great American President. Maybe Barry is as confused about his identity as the American people. Maybe he wishes it could have all gone a different way, like the narrator in the movie, the Fight Club, he must kill Tyler before Tyler blows up the city.

And that’s the great heroic cognitive dissonance of Barrack Hussein Obama, which he is incapable of rising above--somewhere hidden deep down in this man’s morphically resonating subconscious is a wounded little boy wearing a suicide belt and shouting, God Damn, God Damn America!


Posted by: wes george at 04:38 AM