September 18, 2008

The John McCain Making It As Hard As Possible For Me To Vote For Him National Tour, Stop 2

John McCain missed an opportunity to shut up:

John McCain ratcheted up his increasingly populist language today, using a campaign event in Iowa to say he would fire Christopher Cox, the former Republican congressman and Bush-appointed head of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

At least make an effort to appear as something other than a know-nothing populist. One of those running at the top of the ticket is enough.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 18, 2008 04:09 PM

This comment posted on TheCorner essentially sums up my plan for the presidential election.

1. Stay at home – not vote for McCain [I would have voted but left the presidential line blank]

2. Post Saddleback debate – vote for McCain

3. Selection of Palin – donate $$ to McCain/Palin [I was prepared to send a check after my next payday]

4. McCain’s reaction to Wall St financial crisis, esp criticism of Cox and suggestion of bringing in Andrew Cuomo – see position number 1


Posted by: Jon at 09:43 AM