September 09, 2008

A Fine Line

So let me get this straight, Senator Obama is too smart to call Sarah Palin a pig but not smart enough to realize how bad this comment is going to sound to anyone not basking in the glow of his halo.

The schadenfreude is strong in this one.

DOWNDATE: An Instalanche! If there's anything worse than Senator Obama's words, it is the reaction of the crowd to them.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 9, 2008 09:30 PM

It's subtle, but not subtle enough.
First, the lipstick on a pig remark. Then that is immediately followed by the remark about "old fish in a newspaper will still stink". Followed by "same old tune".

So: "Lipstick on a pig" (Palin), then two references to "old" (McCain), and an odd use of "fish" (Palin?).

If Obama thinks he is being subtly influential, he's simply mistaken. But you have to love the arrogance! Keep up the arrogance, Team Obama! You keep doing more for the McCain/Palin ticket than they can do for themselves, it seems. Almost every single day you help McCain and Palin.

Posted by: Mike Devx at 04:45 AM

Hey, I saw you got linked again.

I agree with your observation regarding the crowd reaction. It does not say good things about the electorate when it confuses snotty, high school clique comeback lines for substantive debate.

I see where the McCain campaign already has a YouTube ad on this. Personally, I would like to see Gov Palin ignore it until someone mentions it to her at a public setting. Then she could laugh it off while pointing out she has had to ignore similar small minded comments when she took on the corrupt establishment in Alaska.

Posted by: Jon at 09:13 AM

Oh one more thing...

Obama is making a tactical error which may have strategic results. He's debating the bottom of the GOP ticket. It makes him looks smaller, even desperate. Besides, I thought that was Biden's job.

Tough times don't make character; it reveals character.

Posted by: Jon at 09:26 AM

Someone as keenly aware of losing twenty points of support from white women as Obama is would not crudely insult Palin like this. You guys are manufacturing an insult out of whole cloth.

Posted by: Daniel K. at 09:59 AM

It is quite justified to assume that Obama's comment had Sarah Palin in mind, since as early as Sept 3rd this same joke/analogy was discussed in DU (Democratic Underground) and it referenced to the Palin pitbull/lipstick statement.

Look here and you be the judge:

Posted by: amadeo at 01:31 PM