August 10, 2008

Thanks to HDTV

I can tell Bob Costas has too much makeup on tonight. Bob and Mary marveling over the miraculous ability of so many people to do the same things to such a level of perfection is, well, a little creepy. I bet they all have passports and can speak mutiple languages too.

Posted by Charles Austin at August 10, 2008 07:52 PM

Speaking of the Olympics...
The minimum age for the gymnastics competition is 16. Does anybody really believe all the Chinese girls are over 15? Or even 14? My middle son is 13 and he is missing the same teeth that some of the Chinese girls are.

Posted by: Jon at 11:09 AM

I had this discussion with my wife noting that a couple of those girls look to be smaller than my 11-year old daughter -- who happens to be the smallest kid in her class.

They may well be 16 years old, but if so, it makes me wonder what they have done to keep them this small.

Posted by: charles austin at 05:14 PM