June 18, 2008

Self-Referential Journalism

NY Times article:

Michelle Obama to get subtle makeover

Beginning with the NY Times article.

Posted by Charles Austin at June 18, 2008 06:19 PM

I find it incredible that the New York Times would give air time to the contrived accusations of "terrorist fist bump" and "Whitey" conjured up by opponents. Then on The View Whoopi holds up a copy of the paper and repeats charges about not being patriotic, etc. It is amazing how the media, or simply one person with a blog, can change the complexion (pun intended) of a race.
Any election is now just a matter of who has the best PR and which candidate, and now candidate's wife, can survive the attacks.
Who could be proud of the country that permits this?

Posted by: Sharon S. at 09:18 PM

WHY didn't the O'Bama campaign prepare Michelle O'Bama BEFORE the campaign began? It is very unfair to her and now requires a tremendous amount of remediation, which is now aired to the entire electorate.

Posted by: Political Junkie at 12:21 PM