May 17, 2008

An Observation

For the first time in several election cycles, all of the candidates for president are so flawed that perhaps we can actually discuss their pros and cons without having to proclaim "our" candidate as the best thing since sliced bread and the "other" candidate as capable of bringing down the republic in four short years. I expect the Republicans to start out a little more civil since they are fresh out of Kool-Aid when it comes to John McCain and George Bush. At least half minus one of the Democrats should be able to join the Republicans soon in elevating the dialogue somewhat. The other half plus one are still too busy hoping the supply of changy flavored Kool-Aid will last until November.

Yes, of course there will be a given number of die-hard partisans, foul-mouthed supporters, and people totally lacking in any graciousness or civility on both sides no matter what. But perhaps the other 80% that are paying attention can move forward in a battle of ideas rather than personalities and caricatures.

Yeah, I'm a dreamer.

Posted by Charles Austin at May 17, 2008 10:50 AM

McCain08 -- because he sucks less than the other two. Oohh, now that's an inspiring campaign slogan.

Actually I'm still undecided regarding my presidential vote, which hasn't happened this late in the election cycle in over a decade, almost two. I'm mostly concentrating on the local stuff, which is probably more important in the grand scheme of things anyway.

Posted by: Jon at 10:12 AM