April 24, 2008

The John McCain Making It As Hard As Possible For Me To Vote For Him National Tour, Stop 1

Believe it or not, not everyone thinks the federal government should be responsible for replacing every bird that falls out of a tree:

John McCain toured still hurricane-damaged areas of New Orleans and declared that if the disaster had happened on his watch, he would have immediately landed his plane at the nearest Air Force base. The Republican presidential candidate is campaigning this week in what he calls forgotten areas of the country. He offered a pledge Thursday to New Orleans residents that their situation will not be forgotten and that such a botched disaster response will never happen again. McCain was unsparing in his criticism of the Bush administration. He said Congress must share some of the blame, too. Drawing a sharp contrast to President Bush, McCain said he would have landed his plane "at the nearest Air Force Base and come over personally."

Uh, ok. I understand using President Bush as a whipping boy and sucking up to the press, but wasn't somebody besides the President and the Congress responsible for, say, maintaining the levees and getting the people of New Orleans out? Even just a little? I'm curious as to when Senator McCain would have landed his plane at the nearest Air Force base. Is it worth the effort to remind Senator McCain and the lapdog press that Katrina wasn't Katrina until the day after Katrina when the levees gave way?

Senator McCain seems to be promoting the idea that the federal government can, and should, involve itself with every single aspect of American life. Sorry, I'd rather you leave this kind of village building to your opponents, but that's just me.

Posted by Charles Austin at April 24, 2008 01:44 PM

I am so incredibly tired of all the pandering. So tired. And it's only April...

Posted by: silvermine at 02:27 PM

McCain08 -- because the others suck worse.

Then again, if McCain keeps talking I may end up writting in Fred Thompson in November.

Posted by: Jon at 03:54 PM