April 04, 2008

Earth-Healthy Possessions

The irony abounds:

Environmentally conscious Leonardo DiCaprio is practicing what he preaches these days. The actor recently added an eco-friendly apartment in New York City to his impressive list of earth-healthy possessions, which already include a hybrid car and a solar paneled home in Los Angeles.

I wonder how many times Leonardo has driven his earth-healthy hydrogen powered car between his earth-healthy homes in New York and Los Angeles?

DOWNDATE: All of a sudden my traffic takes off... that can only mean an Instalanche! Woo hoo! Thank you sir for noticing. For the record, I conflated Mr. DiCaprio's hybrid with something I saw recently on Jeremy Piven's hydrogen powered vehicle. I have no idea if Mr. DiCaprio's car is hydrogen powered or not. My apologies.

Posted by Charles Austin at April 4, 2008 06:16 PM

Well I'm sure he has a private jet that only consumes evil Republicans and only exhausts bunnies and kittens.

Posted by: Mike at 12:08 PM



Posted by: PJ at 07:48 PM