March 31, 2008

Less Than Zero

When I saw this my first question was whether or not this guy was related to Oswald Mosely:

Formula One's governing body is keeping its distance from sexual allegations in a British tabloid newspaper about its president, Max Mosley.

"This is a matter between Mr. Mosley and the paper in question," an International Automobile Federation (FIA) spokesman said.

"We understand that Mr. Mosley's lawyers are now in contact with that newspaper and the FIA has no comment."

The News of the World reported in a front page story that FIA president Mosley, 67, had taken part in a "sadomasochistic orgy" with five prostitutes that reportedly involved Nazi role-playing.

Ohmigod, he is:

Mosley is the son of the late Oswald Mosley, founder of the pre-war British Union of Fascists.

Sometimes, my free word association football skills amaze me. Extra bonus points if you know where the post title comes from. For you Spleenville fans, Tim Blair is more the go to guy for Formula One.

Posted by Charles Austin at March 31, 2008 05:01 PM