March 19, 2008

The Ninth Circle of Heller

More on the SCOTUS review of the Second Amendment:

Justice Stephen Breyer appeared reluctant to second-guess local officials.

That's something to be filed away for future reference on something less, shall we say, progressive. But here's what you really gotta love about a progressive mindset:

Is it "unreasonable for a city with a very high crime rate ... to say no handguns here?" Breyer asked.

Does Justive Breyer really think that an executive edict actually got rid of all the handguns in the Disctrict? Of course, the fact that the handgun ban has been in place for thirty years in Washington, D.C., with crime steadily rising during all that time ought to plant a seed of doubt in an open-minded, thinking individual, unless, of course, you never actually worry about having to account for the results of your good intentions. Personally, I expect a little more penetrating thought and insight from someone wearing these robes. But I digress.

Posted by Charles Austin at March 19, 2008 12:26 PM