March 14, 2008

Now, Even Investment Bankers Are Victims To Be Made Whole By the Gummint

Fed Races to Rescue Bear Stearns In Bid to Steady Financial System

Yeah that's it, to, um, steady the financial system. Do the people doing this or those reading this have any idea how utterly obscene this is? Big Media and Big Politics have been discouting risk for so long they've forgotten that it exists in all investments. Tell me again about how the government needs to be bigger. Especially since I've made all my mortgage payments on a house I bought for under $200K eight years ago, but will be taxed to pay for folks that can't make their $5,000 house payments. And I don't even get one of those "rebates" being offered up to he'p the economy.

Posted by Charles Austin at March 14, 2008 09:58 PM