September 09, 2007

Push On the Poppies and Make 'Em Come Up

With apologies to Ween for the title, I haven't bothered to watch the video or read the transcript because I could care less what Osama bin Laden says, and nothing I might see or read is going to help lead to his capture..., but that assumes he is still alive. What if the fake beard is to help cover up the fact that it isn't really him?

DOWNDATE: Ok, maybe it's him but he's still dead.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 9, 2007 12:11 AM

I haven't bothered watching it or reading more than the bits that come up in blog conversations either but if they are still showing him looking like he did six years ago I call shenanigans - surely he should be much grayer and shriveled now; isn't he in his late sixties? I know I'm much grayer than I was in 2001 (though I'm not in my late sixties -- I just feel that way).

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 08:46 AM