September 08, 2007

Week 1

No time to do this properly, so here goes...

Dallas Cowboys - 5.5 over the New York Giants for $200
Chicago Bears + 5.5 over the San Diego Chargers for $100
Tennessee Titans +7 over the Jacksonville Jaguars for $100
Philadelphia Eagles - 2.5 over the Green Bay Packers for $200
Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins Over 35 for $100
Pittsburgh Steelers - 4.5 over Cleveland Browns for $100
Carolina Panthers and St. Louis Rams Over 42.5 for $100

I'll be at the Rams and Panthers game tomorrow. Remember everybody, play money only.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 8, 2007 11:52 PM

I was at the game today too. My wife snagged tickets at work so my son and I went after camping out at the OA Fall reunion.

How I miss the era of Warner and Faulk.

Posted by: Kevin Murphy at 10:16 PM