September 05, 2007

Is There Anything Global Waming Can't Do?

Global warming could mean more heart problems, doctors warn

Of course, these doctors seem to be unaware that even the global warming shills predict that warming affects evening temperatures and temperatures at the higher latitudes more than it does daytime temperatures in the lower latitudes.

On the sidelines of the European Society of Cardiology's annual meeting in Vienna this week, some experts said that the issue deserved more attention. It's well-known that people have more heart problems when it's hot.

During the European heat wave in 2003, there were an estimated 35,000 deaths above expected levels in the first two weeks of August. In France alone, nearly 15,000 extra people died when temperatures soared. Experts say that much of that was due to heart problems in the elderly worsened by the extreme heat.

Weird. I thought 15,000 people died during a heat wave in the middle of summer in August (gee, who'da thunk it?) because everyone is on vacation in France during this time period. Remarkable isn't it?

Posted by Charles Austin at September 5, 2007 10:03 PM

Just another example of how just saying "global warming" is the magical money words. Must make everything connect to that, or none of the big grant givers will hand over the cash. The perfect study will attempt to get a grant associating global warming with sexual behavior.

Posted by: marc at 10:18 PM