July 09, 2007

When Is An Increase Not An Increase?

Trick question, and, no, I'm not talking about cuts in Medicare, though the underlying mathematical concepts are similar.


Iran has slowed down its nuclear work: UN nuclear chief ElBaradei

Lead (lede):

Iran has slowed down the expansion of its nuclear enrichment capabilities at its strategic plant in Natanz, UN nuclear chief Mohamed ElBaradei said Monday.

Got that? Slowed down the expansion. Iran is still expanding its nukular capability, but just not quite as fast. Gold stars all around and a fresh package of international aid for everyone! Presumably, as a nukular scientist, ElBaradei understands the concept of acceleration and force. All he has said here is that Iran has eased a bit on the accelerator, or for those of you who remember your differential calculus, that the slope of the second derivative is now negative, though almost certainly not the value. But you can't blame ElBaradei for the inconguity between his statement and the headline. For that we can thank the self appointed guardians of our freedoms who apparently don't know the difference between a rate and a rate of change and a rate of change of a rate of change.

Posted by Charles Austin at July 9, 2007 10:17 AM