November 22, 2006

All Your Childrens Are Belong to Us

Just a spoonful of good intentions helps the statism go down, the statism go down, the statism go down...

A team of "supernannies" is to be sent to some of Britain's most deprived areas to help parents control antisocial children, Tony Blair revealed today. The parenting experts will be sent to 77 areas with high levels of unruly behaviour, teenage pregnancies and truancy from school.

The 4m scheme will also force the parents of disruptive children to attend parenting courses.

Writing in the Sun newspaper, the prime minister claimed the initiative would tackle the root causes of crime and disorder.

Heaven help us when they discover that the real root cause of disuprive children is ..., wait for it ..., having children.

Posted by Charles Austin at November 22, 2006 01:12 PM