November 19, 2006

An Observation

After the last half dozen or so general elections, Big Media has usually started speculating on whether whichever party lost can survive. Strangely, there hasn't been as much of this kind of speculation after the recent election, even though everyone says the the Republicans took a thrashing. I attribute this to two five things:

1. This election was a referendum on George W. Bush more than anything else, and regardless of how it turned out, he will be gone in two years. The next boogeyman isn't yet obvious, and the candidates (Guiliani, Romney, McCain, Thompson?) are kind of tough to demonize, though all for different reasons.

2. The Democrats have sought to become the Know Nothing Party, or if they do know, they aren't telling. Nobody is really excited about what this portends.

3. Joe Lieberman. His election showed the the Democratic National Committee is not that strong or particularly relevant. It also shows, yet again, the relative irrelevance of the Kos Kids and their ilk. And if Joementum does a little Joe-jitsu, the Senate goes back to the Republicans.

4. Late at night as they review their thoughts just before they go to sleep, a number of powerful people think a lot about the fact the Al Gore and John Kerry have been selected as the Party's poster boys in the last two presidential elections. Nobody not drinking the kool-aid rests easily about this and what it means about their candidate selection processes.

5. Hillary Clinton can't win a national election and they know it, despite her apparent coronation for 2008.

Posted by Charles Austin at November 19, 2006 09:58 AM