November 19, 2006

Back to Basics

Next time you take some gruff from somebody who complains that Americans are so ignorant of the world, just keep in mind that some well educated Europeans haven't yet mastered the basics of our form of government, not that that will stop them from commenting on it:

Republican strategists plotting their party's comeback after it lost control of Congress have identified the "first lady" of Democrat politics as a key target in the 2008 White House campaign even though she will not be running.

Senior party operatives told The Sunday Telegraph that they are already co-ordinating plans to attack Nancy Pelosi, the liberal Californian congresswoman and Speaker-in-waiting who suffered a damaging rebuff from her own party caucus last week.

Well Hans and Phillip, actually she will be running in 2008. Every member in the House of Representatives has to run for reelection every two years. What's funny is they even were told this:

"Two years of Pelosi gives a good idea of what four years of Hillary will be like," said Tom DeLay, the Republican powerbroker who ran his party in the House before he was caught up in a lobbyist corruption scandal.

But hey, don't confuse 'em with facts when there's venom to spew.

Posted by Charles Austin at November 19, 2006 09:39 AM