November 17, 2006

As Elvis Costello Once Sang, "Tiny Steps, Almost Real, Tiny Fingers You Almost Feel"

Blah, blah, global warming, blah, blah:

The Kyoto Protocol is supposed to be a tiny, first step towards solving climate change -- the planet's top problem alongside conflict and poverty, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan told the Nairobi conference this week.

Oh? I though the planet's top problem was creeping iliberal utopian statism as personified by the transnational progressivism advocated by self serving bodies like the UN, but that's just my opinion. Meanwhile, here's what we get from these folks flying aournd the world and staying in high priced accomodations:

In a proposal seen irrelevant by some delegates, Russia seeks a decision on allowing developing countries, which have no targets at present, to volunteer to cut their emissions.

I was going to compliment the body for at least recognizing how silly this was, but then I read this:

Besides debating how to cut further the greenhouses gases blamed for global warming, the conference had meant to turn the spotlight on how to adapt to climate changes -- floods, droughts, desertification and rising sea levels. But the meeting has delayed until next year a decision on who should run funds to help poor countries adapt to climate change. "Rich countries should have achieved more at this conference and made more firm commitments to combat climate injustice," said Sharon Looremeta of environmental group Practical Action.

The eat the rich mentality dies hard.

Posted by Charles Austin at November 17, 2006 01:26 PM