November 07, 2006

Poisoning the Well

I have come to despise the repeated attempts by some to destroy the fragile democracy we have by undermining our collective faith in the electoral process. I heard Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press on Diane Rehms' show this morning noting that while a few percent of Republicans think their vote will not be counted, almost a third of all Democrats worry that their vote will not be counted properly. Disregarding the absolute absurdity of this large a number for the moment, what exactly did Mr. Kohut expect to discover in such a poll? The leaders of the Democratic Party have been quite liberal (no pun intended) with their sleazy innuendo and outright lies concerning voter suppression for years now, while Democrat operatives continue to go to jail for actual vote fraud. What we have here is nothing more than a self fulfilling poll prophecy.

And now the fun begins. Hot on the heels of Nancy Pelosi's claim that either the Democrats win or the Republicans have committed fraud and/or vote suppression, the lawyers continue to try and perfect the technique first tried in 2000 to have carefully selected judges award them elections they cannot win fair and square on the hustings.

Tennessee: Dems will go to court this afternoon to ask for polls to stay open

Indiana: 1:15 p.m. - Voting extended in Delaware County

Manchester, England (?): Lawyers poised as US vote hit by technical glitches

Posted by Charles Austin at November 7, 2006 03:59 PM

I predict a sudden disappearance of all mention of "voter fraud" and miscounts and the like.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 12:14 AM