May 19, 2006

US Out of Earth Now!

The ACLU has done the lamentably predictable thing and lauded a predictably lamentable report from the U.N. Committee against Torture:

“The message from the torture committee leaves no doubt that the U.S. policies and practices at home and abroad violated bedrock principles against torture and abuse,” said Jamil Dakwar, an attorney with the ACLU Human Rights Program who was in Geneva monitoring the session. “"If America is to regain its status as a beacon of freedom around the world, the U.S. government must take immediate steps to end its policies of abuse and to hold officials and perpetrators accountable."

No doubt our loss of status as a (Ed. note: a, not the) beacon of freedom around the world will surely take care of the pesky illegal imigration problem soon enough.

As a reminder, here are the members of this august body who stands in self-righteous condemnation of the beacon of freedom around the world:

Mr. Guibril Camara -- Senegal
Mr. Sayed Kassem El Masry -- Egypt
Ms. Felice Gaer -- United States of America
Mr. Claudio Grossman -- Chile
Mr. Fernando Marino Menendez -- Spain
Mr. Andreas Mavrommatis -- Cyprus
Mr. Julio Prado-Vallejo -- Ecuador
Mr. Ole Vedel Rasmussen -- Denmark
Mr. Alexander M. Yakovlev -- Russian Federation
Mr. Yu Mengjia -- China

Did I mention that the sooner we leave the U.N. the better?

Posted by Charles Austin at May 19, 2006 06:49 PM