April 17, 2006

Dear Blogging Software Writers...

In your next software release, can you rewrite your code so that all comments post the name of the comment author at the top of the thread rather than the bottom? It would save a lot of time for thoughtful readers if we could quickly and easily skip right over the moonbats and trolls who have elevated non sequiturial feces flinging to an art form.

FWIW, this request was not inspired by anything apearing on this site.

Thank you.

Posted by Charles Austin at April 17, 2006 07:06 PM

Actually, that's just a tag that can easily be changed in the template. If you like I'll do it on your site (if it's your site you're talking about).

I prefer author names near the top too, in posts as well as comments -- especially on group blogs. But I've been lazy and let that concern go to the backburner.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 11:41 PM

Thanks, Andrea. I don't know that I get enough traffic to worry about it. Mostly I was thinking about Protein Wisdom, Daily Pundit, and a few other places that generate long threads which have a strong attraction for feces flinging monkeys.

Posted by: charles austin at 11:44 PM

Oh yeah, those sites get crazy. But actually they can edit their templates to put the comment-author tag at the top of entries (for example, Protein Wisdom uses Expression Engine, which isn't too difficult to edit in small matters like that). I'd prefer it as a default myself -- I think that web designers are for the most part still stuck just a teensy bit in the pre-internet communication style of letters that start out to the person written to, and are signed at the end, despite all the blather about how blogs are the "new journalism." Haven't people ever heard of bylines?

Also, I just removed some spam from some old posts. I haven't been closing comments lately (note to self: find that old auto-closing script and add to Charles' blog), and I thought that the number thing I added to comments was enough to dissuade all but the most determined of spammers.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 11:51 PM