March 31, 2006

Like Stan Once Said, "Dude, What the F*** Is Wrong With German People?"

I'm sure the German Defence Minister and every member of Germany's Higher Court are smarter and more educated than I. But here is a good example why, as I get older, I become ever less impressed with academic credentials:

Germany's defence minister said in remarks to be published Saturday he would only order the shooting down of an aircraft in a 9/11-style suicide attack if all the people on board were 'terrorists.'

Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung's statement comes after Germany's highest court this year overturned a law allowing hijacked airliners to be shot down to prevent them being used as in the 2001 attacks on the United States.

Judges said Germany's Basic Law did not allow the military to aid police in this manner and that passengers in plane being shot down would have their constitutionally guaranteed right-to-life violated.

Becuase, you know, this is only a police matter. Sometimes it seems as though the countries of the EU take the "Kick Me" signs off their backs only to correct the spelling to "Kill Me" and make sure it is properly aligned when reattached for maximum visibility.

Posted by Charles Austin at March 31, 2006 05:28 PM