March 12, 2006

I Was Wrong

I didn't really think I could think less of the NCAA than I already did. Hmm..., guess they didn't like Illinois appealing their politically correct tyranny.

Jeff Sagarin thinks Illinois is the seventh best team in the country. The NCAA selection committee thinks Illinois should travel to San Diego and face two teams from the West for the right to play Connecticut in eleven days. Meanwhile, the Fighting Illini are seeded behind North Carolina and Tennessee. Unbelievable. Having a better record in a better conference apparently means nothing in either case. Nor does beating North Carolina in Chapel Hill, apparently. Oh, and then for good measure, they threw Michigan State in this region as well. That's three of last year's Final Four in this region. Too bad Louisville didn't qualify this year, eh? Thanks guys.

I would worry more, but the talking heads on CBS and ESPN are both putting Connecticut through to the Final Four without question. It does seem strange to hear that Illinois is in the easiest bracket, albeit for someone else. At least Illiinois doesn't have to go through Arizona and Kansas again this year. Sweet.

For good measure the NCAA really screwed Missouri State, where my wife's step-brother teaches. This is the highest rated RPI team in history to not be selected for the tournament since it went to 64 teams. For those of you who haven't known me for a while I have a scar on my forehead somewhat akin to Harry Potter's -- and it's on fire again right now.

Anyone else think it's time for Billy Packer to retire?

Looking forward to next week. Brackets published in the next couple of days.

Posted by Charles Austin at March 12, 2006 07:29 PM

Packer and Nantz's trashing of non major conference teams was deplorible. How good are the perks these 2 are getting from the major conferences? Not only were Packers comments uncalled for, they were also not based in fact. Why is there an obvious prejudice from him against non major conference teams?

Posted by: texasbronco at 09:10 PM

The only solace I take from the NCAA's complete and total disrespect of the Big Ten is that I would not be surprised if yet again our conference surprised everyone and landed two teams in the Final Four.

I kind of suspected that Illinois would be a 3 or a 4, but in Rochester Hills instead of halfway across the continent in San Diego. Instead, my sister's boyfriend is going to root for his alma mater to upend his least favorite coach ever in the opening round. Go Braves!

Posted by: illinigirl at 12:12 AM

The only solace I take from the NCAA's ???

Posted by: VIP at 09:46 AM