February 23, 2006

Charles Needs...

I got this from a blog I've never been to before while searching for something else. You type "(My name) needs" into Google and see what results:

Charles needs to be comfortable with his Olympic roster.
Charles needs hernia operation after stretching awkwardly.
Charles needs expert help.
Charles needs an eartuck.
Charles needs lots of money.
Charles needs an army to put down Irish rebellion.
Charles needs assessment.
Charles needs a change of pants.
Charles needs a new home.

Go ahead and give it a Googlewhack.

Posted by Charles Austin at February 23, 2006 11:21 PM

Rodney Needs A Holiday
Rodney needs to learn to let go
Rodney needs to find something
Rodney needs to learn to step off both feet
Rodney needs to consider when renting his property
Rodney needs a girlfriend to win a bet
rodney needs to be struck by the grammar nazi
Rodney needs capable people
Rodney needs Radar
Rodney needs a ranking better than "KICK ASS"
Rodney needs a picture of his prick for a female domme he's met on a kinky contact web site

Posted by: Rodney Dill at 05:49 PM