February 22, 2006

Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

The End is Nigh!

South Dakota passes abortion ban

Posted by Charles Austin at February 22, 2006 10:08 PM

While there may now be 5 votes (Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, Roberts, Alito) to uphold a ban on the infanticide proceedure known as "partial birth abortion", there are still only 4 votes to overturn Roe v. Wade. This assumes that Roberts and Alito would actually vote to overturn and that Kennedy would not change his previous vote to uphold Roe.

Stevens and Ginsburg are getting up in years. Perhaps GW will get an opportunity for a 3rd SC nomination. Then the fur will really fly!

Posted by: Jon at 04:00 PM

Shit Happens.

Posted by: Catfish at 08:34 PM

April 27, 1999

To My Children of Pro Choice:

It is with great sadness that I write this letter to you. I have been observing the destruction of my little ones over the years, and I have hoped that you would heed the soft words spoken to your hearts, but you've refused to hear me.

First, you must know that I love you. The love I have for you is beyond anything your thoughts could imagine, you are My children, and you are precious beyond words, there is nothing you can do that will change My love for you. I've witnessed you grow throughout your lives. I've felt your pain, your happiness, your grief, your confusion, your guilt, your every experience and feeling has been Mine as well, many times we have laughed and cried together.

There are those of you, for reasons justified only by the dark side that have been murdering my unborn babies. I have watched abortions take place for a number of reasons, all without a reasonable excuse. A reasonable excuse for this behavior is nonexistent, not in your world or in mine. I've witnessed abortions that took place because of vanity as some of you chose this action simply to avoid stretch marks. Other's have feared being abandoned by the men they love, there are those of you who have chosen abortion over a change of lifestyle, and there are those of you that accuse lust as being an acceptable reason for an act of murder. I've heard many excuses for murdering My unborn babies, and I've also seen many of you suffer after doing so, with unbearable guilt and remorse. For those of you that have, or are, experiencing guilt and remorse, please know I forgive you; please know you are constantly loved. It is for those of you that don't recognize your mistakes in judgment, for those of you who refuse to accept responsibility for your actions, and it's for those of you that are happy and content with the current abortion laws of your world, that I feel compelled to write.

Please understand, that regardless of what you think, say or do, I'm always here for you to talk to, I'm here to love you, to forgive you and to guide you. Please open the hearts I've given you, as you now listen to mine, a heart that shatters every time another of my gifts is ripped apart and tossed aside like old garbage. All of you have witnessed My tears falling heavily from heaven, but not all of you have recognized them as they fell.

Love is a gift that is steadfast and unfaltering, and love, as a flower, needs to be nurtured in order to grow. Making love is intended as a part of this gift, its intent is for those who have realized and nurtured their love for each other. It's intended for those that have a strong unwavering desire to share their love with another being, created as a result of their love for each other.

Love is the only purpose of life!! It is to be valued, it is to be cherished, it is to be shared with one another, and it's a gift I freely share with all of you. Everything that happens to you within a life time happens to bring the realization of this love to life, in your thoughts, your words, and your actions.

Always know that not all things are as they appear, good things can appear terrible in your world, and terrible things can appear to be good. Always know that all things work for the cause of good, be thankful for everything, for everything that happens is not without purpose. Devastating tragedies that occur can result in many positive outcomes. These positive outcomes are always visible, but unfortunately are not always seen. What may appear to be a terrible occurrence involving you is all part of My plan in making you the type of person that brings honor to Me. You all make mistakes throughout your lifetimes; it's what you learn from your mistakes that matters. Always look for the good in the bad and you will see it. For those of you who have aborted the smallest members of my family, you have not only destroyed my precious gift, you have prevented this gift from learning and passing on the important life lessons that I've tried so desperately to teach you. You've been murdering my unborn babies, some of which have loving father's that would cherish and protect them if given opportunity. The sadness and grief I feel is beyond description.

If I choose you to mother one of my babies, know that you are chosen for very specific reasons. For each of you, the reasons vary, as each of you has a unique and special path to walk. This is true not only for my chosen mothers, but also for My babies they conceive. Regardless of circumstance, I will help you through all of life's surprises. For those of you that have conceived out of acts of violence, carelessness or lust, and feel that emotionally, you are unable to love your unborn baby, I will help those feelings to develop freely if you wish, or I will find someone special, chosen here in Heaven, that is willing and able to shower your baby with love and tenderness. Know that I have many children among you that are unable to have babies that will gladly, and without hesitation, give your baby a loving and supportive environment to grow in. I'm here to help you through every crisis, and I want to free you from all your suffering, your pain, guilt, sadness and your grief. I'm here to help you with your every need; there is nothing you experience in life that I don't experience with you. I will take care of you and your children regardless of circumstance, I promise! Please let my babies live, please allow them the opportunity to experience and share my love with others. Please believe in me.

Holy Spirit Inspired

Posted by: Karen at 04:52 PM