February 07, 2006


We all know funerals are for laughing and scoring partisan points:


Former Pres. Bill Clinton addresses those gathered at the Coretta Scott King funeral ceremony at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Ga. Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2006. With Clinton, is his wife, US Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY. At rear is Pres. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. (AP Photo/Ric Feld, Pool)

So do your worst. Winner announced next Monday.

Rest in peace, Mrs. King. The hope that you can be reunited with Dr. King is enough to make me wish there really is a heaven.

DOWNDATE: If only I'd seen the Saddam Shark sooner.

Posted by Charles Austin at February 7, 2006 08:02 PM

This ones better than the Saddam Shark

(thats nearly a caption too)

Posted by: Rodney Dill at 10:37 PM

"Thank you, thank you. I really appreciate y'all coming to see my eulogy. But it's getting late so I guess I really should say something about Mrs. King."

Posted by: Jon at 02:10 PM

"Jees Bill, if this were your funeral, the democratic party would probably score enough points for me to win in 2008."

Posted by: Rodney Dill at 02:29 PM

Take my wife....PLEASE!!!


I'm not kidding, she had knockers like this big!

Posted by: Matt at 06:54 AM

"No, really, I did have sex with this woman."

"The era of big government is over there, sitting right behind me."

"Same as it ever was."

"And you may ask yourself, where is my beautiful wife?"

"I laughed harder at this funeral than I've ever laughed at any funeral before."

The "I didn't do it" kid makes a comeback with Krusty the Clown (out of makeup) standing next to him.

"As the first black president, I am especially honored to speak to you here today."

"... so then I got her big old behind in front of me and played 'wax on, wax off'."

Posted by: charles austin at 07:59 PM

"OK everyone calm down. This is just for show. We really don't get along this well in private."

Posted by: DaveD at 01:39 PM

(George whispering to Laura in the background) "Look at that wimp, he still gets the willies everytime she gets near him. Probably afraid she's gonna throw another lamp at him."

Posted by: DaveD at 01:42 PM

Depending on what the definition of 'is' is, Mrs King is now a 'was'.

Posted by: spacemonkey at 07:18 PM

"And I want you to know that if my wife wins in 2008, you will all be freed from the plantation"

Posted by: Dane bramage at 11:44 AM

George: "Good thinkin', honey, keepin' your knees together. That sorry SOB probably would try to look up your dress if he got half a chance."

Laura: "He's not the one I'm worried about."

Posted by: T. Harris at 11:07 AM