February 07, 2006

The Important Thing to Remember...

Is that this warning comes from the ambassador of a nation that has fought three wars for its very survival since World War II:

Israel's Ambassador to the United States Danny Ayalon said on Tuesday morning that Iran is the biggest problem facing the world since World War II.

The loss of any one of the wars Israel fought in 1948-1949, 1967, or 1973 would have resulted in the total destruction of Israel and the death of most Israelis. I assume Iran starts the cheat and retreat game within three weeks, though in this case Iran will cheat and Western Civilization will retreat. I'd rather write that the Iranian government has three weeks to capitulate or face utter destruction, but I am a realist:

Ayalon, in an interview to Reuters, stated that he believed Iran's nuclear program would be blocked by diplomatic, not military means.

Because, I guess, history is chock full of situations where bullies are cowed by sternly-worded communiques.

Posted by Charles Austin at February 7, 2006 02:14 PM