January 23, 2006

Crap, and Not Crap

Been on the road.

My laptop died on the plane ride out.

Back now.

Laptop not yet fixed.

Anybody want to buy some Girl Scout cookies?

DOWNDATE: If you should ever seriously corrupt your Windows XP laptop by correctly and properly deleting a Cingular broadband application and you are then eventually able to get it it restored after several days effort using the Windows XP Sytem Restore function, do not then immediately test your theory that it was the entirely correct and proper removal of the Cingular broadband application that corrupted your Windows XP laptop under the assumption that you can just use the Windows XP System Restore function to fix it right back again.

Trust me on this.

Posted by Charles Austin at January 23, 2006 02:35 PM

Only if they're made of real Girl Scouts.

Ba da bump!

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 12:20 AM

Or Brownies...

Posted by: charles austin at 11:27 PM