January 15, 2006

Well Then, There's Only One Thing Left To Do

Get medieval on his ass:

He complained that "a few" Western countries were lobbying against Iran and said Tehran did not trust them. "They speak and behave as if they are living in the medieval age," the hard-line leader said. "I'm recommending these countries not isolate themselves more among the people of the world. Resorting to the language of coercion is over."

In related news:

A top commander in Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) said on Sunday that the Islamic Republic has more than 300 nuclear sites scattered across the country, Iran Focus has learnt.

Three hundred. For peaceful uses.

Speaking at a seminar in the northern city of Rasht, Brigadier General Mostafa Haji-Najjar, deputy director of the IRGC’s political bureau, also said that Iran had “an absolute right” to develop nuclear bombs.

Or not.

Posted by Charles Austin at January 15, 2006 07:52 PM