January 07, 2006

Meanwhile in the, Ahem, Reality-Based Community...

Today's Madison, WI, Capital Times editorial:

Today marks a critical turning point in the debate about holding President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney accountable for the deliberate deceptions, failed strategies and assaults on the Constitution that have been associated with their ill-fated invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Across the United States, in more than 135 communities, town hall meetings are being held to call for extracting U.S. troops from the quagmire and to explore how best to censure Bush, Cheney and their aides for the wrongdoing in which they have engaged.

Many of the events will discuss the rationale for impeaching the president and vice president, and the Madison town hall meeting, which runs from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Madison Labor Temple, 1602 South Park St., is one of them.

Organized by local veterans and co-sponsored by a broad cross-section of local political, labor and community groups, the meeting offers an opportunity to start 2006 right: by recognizing that the best way to end the war is by calling to account the dark players who launched it in our name but without our informed consent.

It takes years of therapy and/or the prolonged application of some strong pharmaceuticals to be this delusional. I'm impressed.

Posted by Charles Austin at January 7, 2006 09:24 PM