September 03, 2005

Still Deciding

I haven't setled completely on what to do yet, but I'm thinking about folding this blog up and starting a new one called "My Life Among the Savages", because that is what reading papers and blogs feels like these days. The savages are the people who believe in magic to fix problems, evil spirits who bedevil their existence, tribalism, authority without commensurate responsibility for themselves, responsibility without commensurate authority for those with whom they disagree, and rewriting history whenever it becomes inconvenient -- amongst other egregious sins against humanity.

The battle against the darkness is becoming fierce.

DOWNDATE: Yep, savages. Starting with Tim Russert this morning. What a disgraceful performance, and make no mistake, it was a performance. Just notice how hostile and animated "non-partisan" Tim is when he asking a question about the "failures" of the federal government, and how softlly he lobs the questions about the "failures" of the state and local officials. And I would have thought that someone who worked at such a high level for the former governor of New York would have understood why the federal government doesn't sweep in and take over cities days before a disaster occurs. And as for Timmy's virtual demand that, "heads have to roll", well, I guess I hadn't realized until now that the Left really did long for the days of the French Revolution. Vive la terror!

Hindsight is such a wonderful thing, almost as good as a magic wand.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 3, 2005 10:19 PM

Turn that BS off.

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at 01:46 PM

I have decided now that when I watch the news I will treat it like a comedy show. Well it is fiction, mostly.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 05:29 PM

... and when "magic" isn't good enough, "F-ing magic" will suffice.

Posted by: Rodney Dill at 07:19 PM

Tribalism? Surely you're not referring to Bill Whittle's latest!

Looking forward to whatever you put together next, in any case.

Posted by: Liam at 01:31 PM

I found your blog through Jeff's (I'm the Lisa who alerted him to the whole This Is Not Over thing.) and I would like to say please don't leave.

We need your voice.

(If you'll go to my Feb. and March archives, you'll find some Chief Illiniwek entries. I'm from Southern Illinois.)

Posted by: Lisa at 05:17 PM

I got so sick at CNN International's "blame bush all the time" coverage that I started googling small town papers...and you know what? Every single one of them has stories about locals aided other I posted a bunch of the stories on my blog.
The stories are out there..but few reach the MSM...

Posted by: tioedong at 07:22 PM

Gee, I'm so glad you've decided to stick around for a while I'm even going to overlook your cheap shot at Notre Dame. This time.

Posted by: greg at 03:25 PM