August 12, 2005

And While I'm In a Bitchy Mood

Did you happen to see Terrell Owens and agent, Drew "Knucklehead" Rosenhaus, on ESPN last night. Even the pro-athelete-access-hype-anything talking heads of ESPN seemed a little embarrassed about the whinging of these two. It's one thing to act the petulant little child whining about how $48,000,000 isn't enough. It's entirely another to have your little buddy who's putting you up to this nonsense sitting next to you going, "yeah, yeah, you tell 'em."

Do these two poltroons have a clue how much money they are costing themselves? Terrell is assertively digging his hole and whenever he hits rock, Drew happily hands him a jackhammer and says keep digging! Football is frequently called the ultimate team sport. No one is talented enough to be so callous and disrespectful towards his teammates and coaches and still be a net positive for the team.

Terrell Owens has shown himself to be a malignant cancer on whatever team he plays for. Of course, someone will take him -- the Dolphins even took Ricky Williams back -- but he is now severely damaged goods from here on out, and I'm not talking about his ankle. Have fun on the bench or the waiver wire Terrell.

And Drew, you've overplayed your hand badly. Let's see how successful you are next year in landing new clients as teams basically stop answering your phone calls. What a maroon.

Posted by Charles Austin at August 12, 2005 03:11 PM

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