August 12, 2005

Color Me Surprised

Did I say surprised? I meant appalled. Skipping gleefully by the false dichotomies and the apples to oranges comparisons of her linked article -- pre-historic savannah vice 20th century totalitarianism, please -- I gather that Megan McArdle is one of those folks who would willingly trade her freedom for security, or at least give it some serious consideration. She concludes with:

That's the magic of the market, actually; we don't have to choose.

Uh, well, actually we have to choose all the time, unless she means that we don't have to choose between the false dichotomies presented. Or did I miss the unanimity of agreement regarding the GWOT, presenting us with what might be characterized as a rather stark choice between living the free life of, ahem, Bush-men, or accepting the 21st century totalitarianism of Islamofascism.

Posted by Charles Austin at August 12, 2005 12:55 PM

"Being eaten by a lion, dying of appendicitis, and slowly expiring from malnutrition after your teeth fall out are way no fun."

Except for the being eaten by a lion part, you could have easily died of appendicitis and/or expire of malnutrition while your teeth fell out in the Soviet Union too, especially if you'd gotten on the wrong side of some party flunky. And then again, didn't Moscow have a zoo back then? If so, you might have been able to get eaten by a lion too.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 04:07 PM