August 11, 2005

More Hot Air

Oh dear:

Summer temperatures have risen sharply in most west European capital cities over the past 30 years, adding to evidence of the accelerating impact of climate change, the environmental group WWF said.

WWF International blamed most of the warming on pollution from power stations rather than road traffic and urged the European Union to set tougher targets for emissions of greenhouse gases, notably carbon dioxide.

Over the past 30 years huh?

Between 2000 and 2004, average temperatures in 13 of the 16 cities surveyed were at least one degree Celsius higher than during the first five years of the 1970s, the environmental organisation said.

Isn't AFP even marginally suspicious of such blatant data manipulation. Aside for cherry picking the years under review, there's the well known problem of cities being heat sinks that causes problems for the existing climate models that predict we should already be dead now when fed data from the past.

And then, of course, there's the obligatory call for a return to a more primitive pastoral time:

Environmentalists said the significant difference between the overall data and the WWF's more limited study on urban summers backed up evidence of an acceleration in warming in recent decades caused by pollution.

"The cities are reflecting this trend," said Imogen Zethoven of WWF. "There is a trend of increasing summer temperatures and that is due to global warming."

"There is a primary source and that is the power sector," she added.

"Scotty, we need less power." But they have a solution!

The data was released as part of a WWF campaign to get governments to replace "dirty antiquated" power stations with cleaner alternatives to generate electricity, such as hydrolectric stations, wind farms or natural gas plants.

What? Dam up the rivers even more? Have you ever been near a wind farm? The people who live near them in California seem to be growing quite weary of them, and how you'll ever get enough energy from the wind baffles even the unskeptical of environmentalists. As for the their last proposal, well, I guess natural gas must be a limitless resource that magically regenerates without the need to drill anywhere else.

I have a better, more practical solution for these impractical people who excuse their lies because their hearts are pure: nuclear reactors. But then, WWF International isn't really all that interested in supplying clean power to the people, are they?

Oh dear!

Posted by Charles Austin at August 11, 2005 10:58 AM