August 06, 2005

And Who, Pray Tell, Is the Palestinian Nelson Mandela? Or Desmond Tutu?

A long time ago, I said that Israel was turning into the new South Africa, at least for some:

A Presbyterian committee accused five companies Friday of contributing to "ongoing violence that plagues Israel and Palestine" and pledged to use the church's multimillion-dollar stock holdings in the businesses to pressure them to stop.

The move follows a vote last year by leaders of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to put economic pressure on companies that profit from Israeli policy in the West Bank and Gaza.

The vote had outraged Jewish groups, who said the strategy was biased and failed to recognize Israel's right to defend itself, and the tensions worsened after other Protestant bodies adopted similar tactics.

Jewish leaders are deeply disturbed that the campaigns threatening divestment essentially borrow from the 1980s movement against South African apartheid.

Is it myopia or blindness (self-inflicted) that is leading to such monumental stupidity?

Posted by Charles Austin at August 6, 2005 01:28 PM

The Presbyterian Church USA has transformed itself into the theological division of the DNC. Between that and the desire of the official folks in Louisville to follow the same trail blazed by the Episcopal Church USA, it's no wonder that membership has steadily declined for the past couple decades.

Posted by: Jon at 02:58 PM