July 27, 2005

Dissent Is Patriotic!

Uh, except in Cuba:

Addressing an auditorium full of Communist Party leaders and handpicked supporters, Castro called the top U.S. diplomat in Havana a "grotesque character," and sternly warned that future protests planned by Cuba's dissidents will be thwarted "as many times as necessary."

No doubt Janeane Garafalo will be right on this, because of the flies.

"The supposed opposition in Cuba does not exist except in the feverish minds of the Cuban-American mafia and the bureaucrats of the White House and the State Department," Castro said a four-hour speech at Havana's Karl Marx Theater on Tuesday night. "They deceive themselves ... with their own lies."

Ok, it doesn't exist but it must be suppressed. But only a four hour speech Fidel? You must be slipping.

Responding to widespread discontent over the blackouts, Castro said the Cuban government has invested $282 million in equipment and material to improve outdated power plants. He predicted Cuba's electrical output would double by the end of the year.

Why stop at doubling it? Since you won't deliver on this promise anyway, why not say it will be 10 times higher? And chocolate rations have been increased by another -5 grams! Viva la revolucion! But on a serious note Cuba has been ht hard by hurricanes. Unfortunately, the people's revolution led by Fidel remains ill-equipped to deal with the restoration of power, even after 46 years.

"As president of the Council of State and government, I dedicate a significant amount of time to this problem," Castro said. "I am not exaggerating what I have said.

Whatever would give anyone that idea?

"All I ask is that you have a little confidence."

Or in other words, "I find your lack of faith in communism disturbing."

Posted by Charles Austin at July 27, 2005 10:28 AM