July 11, 2005


Can anybody help me locate a tape, vinyl, CD, DVD, mp3 or other variant of Eugene by Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band. I am willing to pay for it. And please don't give me any bad links from Google to various sources that claim to have the 45 available but really don't.

Thanks in advance.

And now, back to your irregularly scheduled programming.

DOWNDATE: Thanks to Terry for the referral and thanks to Matt for solving my problem at no cost.

Posted by Charles Austin at July 11, 2005 09:28 PM

Hey, Charles, have you checked Ebay--I found one listing without much trying.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at 04:08 PM

I just downloaded it. I'll send a link.

Posted by: Matt at 04:42 PM

Wow, that takes me back a ways. I may still have that on tape, somewhere. Haven't listened to it in years, though.

"Ugga ugga boo, ugga boo boo ugga. Boo boo ugga, ugga ugga boo."

Posted by: wheels at 04:38 PM