May 23, 2005

Cheap Trick

Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away... is all I can think of as I listen to the details of the "deal" that was reached tonight. And thank God we have have fine Democratic Senators like Robert Byrd to remind us that they and a handful of reasonable Republicans have saved the Republic tonight. After all, we all know that the secret Republican strategy has always been to destroy the Republic by eliminating the abuse of the threat of a filibuster by Democrats. What a piece of work this man is.

Harry Reid wins.

Unfrickin' believable.

Maybe this is John McCain's revenge, served rather cold.

I'll wait and reserve final judgment to see if Senator Frist or President Bush renounces this "deal" before issuing my most solemn codemnations of all involved.

The filibuster was originally intended to make sure that no senator had his speech cut off. It has evolved into a method to stop things from happening. Lately the mere threat of it has paralyzed the majority party and allowed the minority party to dictate terms. I don't recall too many instances where an entire party lined up behind the threat of a filibuster the way the Democrat's have today. Since Senator Byrd invoked Franklin's famous aphorism questioning whether we could hold on to the Republic, perhaps he also remembers that the Founding Fathers also considered requiring a super-majority to reject any of the president's nominations, instead of requiring a super-majority to achieve cloture just to get a vote.

Ha, and now there's a commercial on Fox News (obviously scheduled for this spot long before) by Harry Reid on the importance of him getting his way. Ha ha ha. What a bunch of liars and cads.

As I told another friend earlier today, I am losing my faith in the long term health and welfare of our Republic. If the Democrats can still run Congress after solidly losing control of it, then we already have a one party state.

And if you were wondering,"Whatever happened to all this season's losers of the year?" Well, we've located them and they are called Republican'ts.

Posted by Charles Austin at May 23, 2005 08:00 PM

Hmm... I like that...
RepubliCAN'Ts and DemocRATS.

Just briefly scanned the WaPo story this morning. I'll reserve judgment for now, but if the story is substantially accurate then it is the equivalent of your team driving the ball 75 yards to the opponent's 5 yard line, then attempting a FG on 1st down, and having it blocked.

It would be interesting to see what Frist does, if anything. If his Presidential aspirations are genuine, he can kiss them goodbye if he does nothing.

Posted by: Jon at 10:05 AM

I like that analogy, Jon. Very apt.

Posted by: Haws at 02:18 PM

John McCain can kiss his presidential aspirations good-bye as well. Might just stay home if I have to choose between John "campaign speech repression" McCain and Hillary "all of your health care are belong to us" Clinton.

Posted by: David R. Block at 05:50 PM